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Bean geese

Pink-footed goose

One of the reasons we’re lucky to live and bird in Lancaster and District is the spectacular number of wintering geese we live alongside. Join us on Saturday 12th February for a spot of New Year Goosing- part celebration / part ID workshop / part wild goose chase. As well as the most numerous (pinkfeet) we will hope to find smaller numbers of greylag, barnacle, both forms of white-fronted goose and scarcities like tundra and taiga bean goose and perhaps even snow goose. As geese roam widely to feed by day we’ll have to use our goose intel nearer the date to plan the route to maximise our chances of good views, numbers and variety but outline proposal is to meet early afternoon allowing us to finish the session under the roost flight path of tens of thousands of pink-footed geese. Pencil in the whole afternoon for guided farmland and saltmarsh searching. Goose completists might like to add a short late morning session watching the intertidal habitat off Heysham for pale-bellied (and perhaps dark-bellied) brents for the best possible day list. If you’re interested please e-mail us via [email protected] with the title ‘new year goosing’ and we’ll keep you in the loop.


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