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      [06/05/2024, 07:40:03] Various: Yesterday: early morning Heysham seawatching before anyone else arrived (from 0630) by ultra reliable observer saw 3 dm arctic skua and 26 gannet. Wind direction xxxx this am.

      [06/05/2024, 08:35:18] Various: Razorbill floating into bay now

      [06/05/2024, 09:06:15] Various: Lots of razorbill and guillemot now floating in off heysham – at least 72

      [06/05/2024, 10:08:53] Pete Crooks: Dark morph Arctic Skua into bay past Heysham NHW just now. Also 1 Razorbill, 1 Rt Diver, c40 Common Scoter

      [06/05/2024, 10:08:53] Pete Crooks: 2 more Razorbill drifting in sea off and 1 dm Arctic Skua just flown back out of bay

      [06/05/2024, 10:08:54] Pete Crooks: 2 dm Arctic Skua drifting in on sea, 110+ asks – mix of Guillemot & Razorbill on sea in rafts of upto 20

      [06/05/2024, 10:08:54] Pete Crooks: Auks not asks!

      [06/05/2024, 10:23:50] Pete Crooks: Final totals for Heysham NH (6.55 – 9.45 am) – 3 dark morph Arctic Skua, c130 Auks ( mostly distant Guillemot, but at least 10 Razorbill), c65 Common Scoter, 3 Red-throated Diver, 8 Sandwich Tern & 2 Harbour Porpoise

      [06/05/2024, 11:09:14] Ian Hartley: 2 Manx Shearwaters north off Plover Scar just now

      [06/05/2024, 11:58:59] Ian Hartley: Another 9 in and out

      [06/05/2024, 16:45:03] Jon Carter: 1 Whimbrel on Aldcliffe Marsh earlier, plus breeding plumage Dunlin (& pair LRP) on the WPools.

      [06/05/2024, 17:30:03] Ann Stupple: Spoonbill far side of EM pool at 1728 and greenshank calling from crag
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      [06/05/2024, 17:42:29] Various: Seemingly the only garganey in the area – pair at Brigsteer wetland – seen most days including today

      [06/05/2024, 18:42:47] Andrew McCafferty: Phil G just showed me a pic of a 1st S Little Gull from the EM pool which he last saw about 20 mins ago.

      [06/05/2024, 19:33:31] Andrew McCafferty: Little Gull just popped up again at the back of the EM pool, and then disappeared again!

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        [07/05/2024, 09:40:18] Helen Berg: 1 LRP on the flood, bottom of Aldcliffe Hall Lane. Also singing whitethroat.

        [07/05/2024, 10:20:23] Various: Rather slow on the sea off Heysham – too calm and clear and known Arctic tern flocks passing Rossall didn’t get in as far as Heyshsm before pres climbing up and overland. Similarly no skuas. Birds: 51 Arctic tern, 17 kitts, c50 sandwich terns, 1 razorbill, 28 guillemot, 1 gannet (3 porpoise)

        [07/05/2024, 15:15:41] Steve Graham: Birk Bank: 3 male Cuckoo calling and 1 female briefly.

        [07/05/2024, 18:32:49] ~ Phil Byle: Little gull on silver dale moss, ruff on EM pools

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          Various: A few bits on the sea in poor vis whilst waiting for knot flock to use heysham heliport (for flag reading): 1 Razorbill, 5 guillemot, 1 Gannet, 25,7,1 5 common scoter, 4 sandwich tern, 2 porpoise

          At least one mobile spoonbill Leighton moss reported from saltmarsh pools and lower hide; 1st little gull briefly saltmarsh pools

          Helen Berg heard and saw garden warblers by the Lune at Halton, in the scrubby bit beyond the Hydro (up and down the hill) and she also jammily found a kingfisher at Skerton Weir

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            19:35 Phil Byle: Hobby between EM pools and LM heading towards main reserve now

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              [10/05/2024, 09:30:34] Matthew Powell: Pair of red kite getting mobbed by buzzard, crow and jackdaw over Yealand now.

              [10/05/2024, 12:26:36] Various: Flock of snow geese high and distant just reported over Leighton moss

              [10/05/2024, 12:33:38] Ronnie Irving: A flock of 24, one blue phase landed in field between College Green and Halforth Farms at 1145am. Still grazing now. 23 including a blue phase bird were reported flying offBelvide Res Staffs at 815am today, same flock?

              [10/05/2024, 12:36:18] Jonathan Scragg: There was a flock of 23 birds (22 white and 1 blue) on the Ribble yesterday, so it is probably the same flock that were at Belvide early this morning and have now come back north

              [10/05/2024, 12:44:11] Eddy Bayton/M: I saw five white geese flying over Torrishome yesterday and assumed them to be feral birds like the ones at the Crook O,Lune. Probably were.

              [10/05/2024, 14:03:12] Various: Snow geese still as above near college green farm 1233

              [10/05/2024, 15:11:51] Phil Byle: Snow Geese still present

              [10/05/2024, 20:52:32] Keefe Murphy: Snow Geese still present near College Green Farm at 20:20

              [10/05/2024, 21:23:30] Matthew Powell: Hobby over Yealand just towards Leighton Moss.

              [11/05/2024, 10:07:51] Andrew McCafferty: Late news, but while out with the WeX group at Leighton Moss this morning, at about 7:45, we had a spoonbill in the dead tree behind Causeway (under an osprey). Just spoke to Josh who saw it from the train on one of the shore pools at 0830 or so.

              [12/05/2024, 06:19:45] Pete Crooks (ed: possibly passing on news from somebody else, can’t tell from message): 1 light morph Pom and 2 dark morph Arctic Skua on sea then flew in and lost over Heysham Head while repositioning car. Also: 14 Sandwich Tern, 22 C Scoter, 2 Guillemot and 8 Whimbrel

              [12/05/2024, 09:12:21] Ian Hartley: Some bird news… Little Gull 2CY on Conder pool

              [12/05/2024, 12:46:23] Various: At least one garganey still Brigsteer wetlands, off passage drake common scoter low tide-feeding by conger rock Heysham head (two sanderling on nearby skeer)

              [12/05/2024, 19:07:26] Various: 1st summer little gull still em pool.

              [12/05/2024, 20:01:29] Various: Garganey Leighton moss (no further detail)

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