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      [22/04/2024, 08:24:06] Various: Still four pale bellied Brent Heysham flew towards north side heysham head 0800. Yesterday ad large gull at Sandside – expert opinion favouring herring x lbbg hybrid as opposed to YLG but better pics of primary tip features welcome

      [22/04/2024, 09:29:34] Various: Glossy ibis still horse paddock, 4 PBBrent flew towards Red nab past nhw 0920 (not a lot on sea: 15 common scoter, 3 sandwich tern, 2 red throat)

      [22/04/2024, 09:53:09] Various: Flock of 6 Arctic tern in off heysham

      [22/04/2024, 16:46:37] Various: White Stork over Warton mires this late afternoon, possibly blue ringed Fylde bird as yet of unknown origin

      [22/04/2024, 16:52:46] Various: Also reported ‘low over houses Sand Lane Warton’ so is it pitched in on the mires?

      [22/04/2024, 16:53:15] Laura Nunnerley: Yes it’s landed on the main flooded field at warton mires

      [22/04/2024, 16:55:38] Andrew McCafferty: Is this now, or a while ago?

      [22/04/2024, 16:55:47] Jean R/M: Does it have a ring on its leg?

      [22/04/2024, 16:56:52] Laura Nunnerley: Right now

      [22/04/2024, 16:59:36] Laura Nunnerley: Unfortunately it got mobbed by crows and has left

      [22/04/2024, 16:59:59] Matthew Powell: What direction?

      [22/04/2024, 17:06:25] Matthew Powell: Got it now from Yealand, heading north.

      [22/04/2024, 17:06:27] Laura Nunnerley: over warton village, north

      [22/04/2024, 17:06:34] Laura Nunnerley: Oh good

      [22/04/2024, 17:13:09] Matthew Powell: Now heading east, soaring over Buckstone Housem

      [22/04/2024, 17:15:09] Matthew Powell: Probably over Priest Hutton now.

      [22/04/2024, 17:19:00] Matthew Powell: Looks like dropping in at Holmere.

      [22/04/2024, 17:38:20] Mike Robinson: Yes it’s at Holmere now

      [22/04/2024, 17:45:32] Mike Robinson: Just headed north

      [22/04/2024, 18:24:01] Andrew McCafferty: Just seen it fly over Pye Bridge. Trying to see where it landed, out of sight along the B6384 north

      [22/04/2024, 21:09:01] Various: Over the M6 at Burton services at 1715hrs (presumably before backtracking to Holmere)

      [22/04/2024, 21:31:34] Various: Adult shag feeding near conger rock this evening – been elusive for a couple of days (plus the 2550 Knot roosting on the heliport feeding nearby on skeer)

      P.S. photos of White Stork by Laura Nunnerley (on the ground, at Warton Mires), in the air by Andrew McCafferty (Pye Bridge)

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        [23/04/2024, 08:10:05] Various: Flock 14 inbound Arctic tern and low double figures sandwich tern over sea so far off Morecambe/heysham.

        [23/04/2024, 09:21:08] Various: Glossy ibis still horse paddock (only further stuff on sea two inbound sp red throats and sand tern to about 40 – no east in wind – due north)

        [23/04/2024, 10:34:18] Chris Piner: 2 Swifts over Sizergh Castle Rock Garden at c10am

        [23/04/2024, 21:13:55] Phil Byle: Swift seen from Lower this PM. GWE flew over Trowbarrow towards Fell End rather than joining the roost

        [23/04/2024, 21:26:10] Tim Sarney: Single Swift this morning at eco housing in Halton over Lune

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          [24/04/2024, 08:06:08] Various: Heysham: common or Arctic tern flock of c20 flying in in heat haze second channel out prob Arctic ‎<This message was edited>

          [24/04/2024, 08:11:40] Various: Another 8 Arctic tern in close

          [24/04/2024, 08:36:24] Various: 15 Arctic terns doing what they do best – climbing up and heading overland NE over heysham head

          [24/04/2024, 08:58:26] Various: 18 more Arctic tern just climbed up and headed Inland over harbour (140 swallow in 1.5 hrs north)

          [24/04/2024, 09:46:38] Barrie Cooper: Whinchat and Wheatear at Aldcliffe Wildfowlers Pools

          [24/04/2024, 09:48:27] Various: Sea from back of heysham harbour looking out through harbour mouth 0728-0930: all flying in unless stated otherwise: 85 Arctic Tern in/overland (inc 20 distant where common not def ruled out), 63 sandwich tern in,9 common scoter,one red throat, I Kittiwake, two seemingly migratory Bar tailed godwit flock high to north of 44 plus 24, 12 whimbrel, 6 Sanderling, (sev Dunlin and knot flocks), 187 Swallow, 2 house Martin, 5 Sand Martin, c60 small passerine. Friday looks good and the event day on Sunday interesting forecast but wrap up well!

          [24/04/2024, 10:06:48] Various: Glossy ibis still in wet field adjoining horse paddock Middleton

          [24/04/2024, 16:18:51] Various: Anyone in eg heysham area – three common cranes circling over Knott end now – which way will they go? ‎<This message was edited>

          [24/04/2024, 16:49:18] Andrew McCafferty: They’ve just gone over Conder Green:
          3 Common Cranes north over Conder Green at 4.42pm. Mark Prestwood (via Chris Batty on Fylde group)

          [24/04/2024, 17:05:23] Phil Byle: They are over Yealand heading north

          [24/04/2024, 17:08:37] Phil Byle: I lost them when I texted. They may be dropping into Leight Moss, because I am looking from Holme and I can see right across the valley.

          [24/04/2024, 17:15:50] Garry Sharples: Heading north west over marsh Lane area milnthorpe now, towards a590/ Gilpin bridge direction

          Clay G
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            I’m stepping in to do the WhatsApp updates while Andrew’s away:

            [25/04/2024, 08:35] Various: Low/turning tide seawatch from back of heysham harbour as yesterday: much better than expected in routine sampling in unfavourable NW wind: 75-85 Sandwich tern but only 11 in Lancs!, dm Arctic skua low up Kent channel line, briefly chasing ST, 19 pinkfeet, 30 bar tailed godwit, 6 whimbrel, 15 swallow. Most unexpected in nw winds was a group of 5 Arctic tern heading in

            [25/04/2024, 09:18] Various: Glosdy ibis still in horse paddock – nothing further of note on sea to 0900 as wind got up and sandbanks covered

            [25/04/2024, 15:35] Various: Little gull (no age mentioned) Allen pool late am (per RBA). Info suggests access still closed. Can someone clarify please?

            [25/04/2024, 15:55] Colin Barnes: Access is now open

            Clay G
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              26/04/2024, 08:59 – Various: New spoonbill in on em pools this am (not seen over heysham 😊where not a lot this morning – just Sandwich terns and whimbrel of note)

              26/04/2024, 09:49 – Mike: Couldn’t find it from Crag Rd viewpoint 9.30.

              26/04/2024, 12:58 – Richard: 3 cattle egrets at conder


              26/04/2024, 16:43 – Various: Glossy ibis still in horse paddock

              26/04/2024, 18:46 – Various: Yesterday: 1st summer Little Gull (thanks Philip), also spotted redshank same place

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              Clay G
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                27/04/2024, 08:43 – Various: Glossy ibis still Middleton horse paddock (nothing of note over sea yet)

                27/04/2024, 09:08 – Clay: Yellow wag on Aldcliffe flood (plus one pied and one white)

                27/04/2024, 12:37 – Shaun: Cattle Egret 2 and Med Gull at Condor Pool. Spotted Redshank (sp) in creek opposite hide, plus Greenshank.

                27/04/2024, 14:43 – Josh: Spoonbill still EM pools

                27/04/2024, 16:21 – Shaun: Spoonbill on the ‘Flood” viewable from Crag Road viewpoint (plus GWEgret).

                27/04/2024, 21:32 – Various: No sign of glossy ibis at Middleton mid afternoon (present 0843)

                Clay G
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                  28/04/2024, 08:56 – Various: Glossy ibis in flooded field next to horse paddock Middleton

                  28/04/2024, 09:30 – Peter: Spoonbill on Barrow Scout pools as seen from Crag view point. Also 2 swifts. Spot red still in LM Morecambe pool

                  28/04/2024, 10:20 – Ian: Conder Green: 3 Cattle Egrets, Spotted Redshank, Common Tern.

                  28/04/2024, 12:39 – Shaun: Two Spoonbill just landed at the ‘Flood’, plus single one still on Barrow Scout pool, Leighton Moss – viewable from Crag Road viewpoint.

                  28/04/2024, 13:21 – Various: Just received a report of ‘a stork’ heading over Middleton NR towards Middleton village. Should be a pic soon if correct

                  28/04/2024, 20:38 – Various: Glossy ibis flew off high to the west from Middleton horse paddock at 0916 and was not back there in the afternoon (1515hrs). We’ve had ‘possible departure’ posts before but it is now fully moulted and ready to go

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