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      Hi folks,
      A lot of you have been irritated by the Captcha that had to be filled in for every single post, so Rosie and I have prevailed on M6 Media to make a change.

      You’ll notice now that you don’t need to fill in any kind of “are you human” check when you post on the website, which hopefully makes it a lot less annoying to use.

      There is a kind of “are you human” check on login and also registration, but for a start it’s a much less obtrusive captcha (triggers off only if it suspects that the user is a “bot”) and also because it’s only on login, which you don’t have to do as much, it shouldn’t get in the way.

      Thanks to Clay and Simon for useful suggestions that got us to this point, and fingers crossed this holds out against a potential spam onslaught!

    Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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