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      Excellent numbers of swifts both evening and early morning. Similar figures most times of between 30-35 birds spiralling together or 12-20 screaming in trails around the houses of Eastern Freehold. Peak counts of 42 and 45 birds around 9.20-9.40pm. Well worth counting your local swifts in the continuing fine weather. Was able to watch a trail of non-breeding birds scream up higher and higher last night ’til they were out of earshot and certainly out of sight. A local nest site was still being visited as late as 10.15pm.

      April was dry but bitterly cold and May very wet. Since then, the season has been very favourable. I would expect some of the earlier birds are nearing fledging although the general breeding cycle may be running a week or two late. Supposition on my part here.

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