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      The recent appearance of a female Ring-necked Duck on one of the former gravel pits close to the M6 north of Carnforth seems to have opened a small can of worms about what names should be used for the different bodies of water in that area. The following list of names is simply an attempt to enable different birders to know which site is which – it may not be the final word on this subject!

      Birchwood Fishery, Borwick (SD 5223 7255) – is the suggested name for the pool east of Kellet Lane that the Ring-necked Duck has been seen on. Previous names for this site have included Borwick Lake and Dockacres Back Pool.

      Clearwater Fishery (SD 5201 7222) – the series of pools west of Kellet Lane. Previously known as Dockacres or Dockacres Main Pool.

      Pine Lake (SD 5135 7230) – No confusion as its labelled on OS maps as Pine Lake!

      Fountain Pool (SD 5160 7282) – Not sure if this is the best name for this pool which is within ‘South Lakeland Leisure Village’ just south of the junction of Borwick Lane and the A6 / A 6070 roundabout. Still ‘Fountain Pool’ is what it has been known as in the past (e.g. when a male Lesser Scaup was there in Sept – Oct 2006) and is probably a better name than South Lakeland Leisure Village Pool.

      Twin Lakes (SD 5137 7323) – Just north of the A6 / A 6070 roundabout. Previously known as ‘Baby Doc’, but now largely devoid of birds.

      Borwick Lakes (SD 5173 7308) – A series of small pools within the Villa Fisheries and Borwick Lakes Holiday Park, just north of Borwick Lane and west of the M6. These pools have given rise to some confusion over the use of the name ‘Borwick Lake’ for the Ring-necked Duck site, hence the suggested adoption of the name Birchwood Fishery for that site instead.

      Dockacres – is still used by some birders as a ‘catch-all’ for these various sites. Just to add to the confusion I can still find the name ‘Dock Acres’ on high resolution OS maps for part of the area now included within Borwick Lakes (at SD 5162 7318).

      Hope this may be of some use.
      Pete C

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