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      Hi all
      Our new website is due to go live very soon. It went sooner than planned!
      Everyone will have to register.
      On the front page – go to Log in – Register – then add your username and email address.
      It would be helpful for record keeping if your username is identifiable – thanks!
      The spirit in the sky will send you an email to select your password. This could go to your junk folder. It will come up as from WordPress.
      A load of gobbledygook will appear in the box. Change this to your password and then you should be logged in.

      To add photographs
      We have set up a Flickr account to do this. Now I am a bit hazy on this but I know you have to do it through the Group tab. I hope the photographers out there will understand this.
      The link to allow people to upload images to the group is:


      Oh well I hope it all works

      Any moans to me please


        Post count: 34
      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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