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    Guy had two Wheatears Aldcliffe Marsh N

    Rock Pipits over high tide period:

    2 in the Snipe Bog area of Aldcliffe Marsh S.
    3 ‘Stodday Marsh’
    3 Conder Green

    Water Pipit moulting into breeding plumage

    1 Wildfowlers Pools S

    Conder Green

    900 Black-tailed Godwits Conder Pool on dropping tide plus 150 near mouth of Conder.

    5 Avocets Conder Pool also 75 Redshank roosting here.

    Pair Goosander snoozing on banks of Frog Pond, Aldcliffe (A5)

    30 Linnets and 12 Lapwings Aldcliffe maize stubble (A3)

    Green Sandpipers: 4 Stodday Sewage Works plus 1 (the colour-ringed one) flashes by canal (A20)

    Odd sight of a lone Dunlin bobbing around on flotsam (Common Sandpiper / Rock Pipit style) at the edge of Stodday Marsh on the 10m+ tide

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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