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      I’ve seen it all now. I put out a fat-filled coconut half at 9am and a rat was soon on it so I shooed it away. At 0930, when I looked again, the coconut half was nowhere to be seen and I assumed the rat had been back and taken it.
      I put another coconut half out. My back was hardly turned to go indoors when a Jackdaw flock of about 4 arrived, one knocked the coconut half off the bush and I’m not quite sure what happened next but the Jackdaws disappeared as fast as they had appeared and the coconut half was nowhere to be seen. Whether the one that knocked it off took it (it’s claws having been caught in the loop perhaps?) or whether one on the ground flew off with it I don’t know but the Jackdaw gang were definitely guilty of theft.
      I put another coconut half out and this time tied it onto a branch in the bush. Jackdaws appeared almost immediately with the leader at the coconut half and its accomplices on the ground but it couldn’t pull the coconut half off. Ha! Sorted.

    Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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