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      3 March 11.30am

      Garden, bottom of Westbourne road

      Pair of golcrests visiting our camelia trees. They often fly towards large cedar trees across the road afterwards.

      Also seen since a couple of weeks ago:
      2 Mistle thrush (thanks Dan)
      Collared doves
      dozen plus pigeon
      100 plus starling (flock in nearby large ash etc)
      various tits: blue, great, coal, long tailed.
      2 m Robin’s displaying for a female.
      Several blackbirds on the lawn, more male seen.
      Several wrens.
      Flying above and around: a Buzzard, herring gulls, lbb gulls, magpies, jackdaws, crows

      Now regular sightings of 2 or more Bullfinches (m and F) and 4 or more goldfinches in nearby large willow tree. A few weeks ago sighted 16 goldfinches feeding in our neighbour’s birch.

      Not seen treecreeper since spring arrived

    Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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