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      The Glossy Ibis has gone – no need for any vigils at the parish hall to see if it reappears! Last seen by a local at 0826 on 1st May (I saw it at 0816)

      Secondly Black Grouse. Two males in a field just north of Leyland farm entrance. Quite flighty and wary so best watched by staying in your car for a brief look on the road with your lights on. This means anyone coming from the south can see you and pull in at Leyland entrance in which case you will have to shift and drive up to the farm track entrance to let them pass. Similarly if anyone comes from the north just drive up to the Leyland farm entrance and let them pass. Reversing to let northbound traffic past is dodgy as the road has a nasty ‘cliff’ on the east sidewhere the wall ends – possibilities of overturning if you go over the edge. So in summary: narrow road in country area with soft verges and minimal passing places so views will be short if they are present and then move on please. They flew off to the east this morning and were not visible from the road – I’ll just go any check now if any back as they are only 5 or so minutes from home! Origin completely unknown – the keepers are as puzzled as the rest of us

    Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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