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  • johnwilson
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      Dockacres complex
      Wigeon 269 (145 Hare Tarn 124 Holmere)
      Tufted Duck 115
      Goldeneye 9
      Pochard 12
      Coot 280
      Teal 38
      Eric Morecambe
      Wigeon 326
      Shoveler 114
      Pintail 10
      Teal 110
      Lapwing 1000 +
      Marsh Harrier 1
      Greylag 370 on fields by Sluice plus 2 PinkFeet
      Brambling Male reported on feeders at Fell End
      John Wilson

      Alasdair Taylor
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        Can someone give me a grid reference for these locations please – can’t find any of them on the online OS app! Thanks.

        Pete Crooks
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          Hi Alasdair,

          Here are some eight-figure grid references for you:

          ‘Dockacres’ is complicated as it tends to be used as the ‘catch-all’ description for several adjacent bodies of water whose names have changed several times over the years:
          Hare Tarn – SD 5180 7159
          Dockacres ‘Main Pool’ (now called something like Catch-88 ?) – SD 5201 7222
          Dockacres ‘Back Pool’ – SD 5223 7255
          Pine Lake – SD 5135 7230
          Fountain Pool (South Lakeland Leisure Village) – SD 5160 7282
          Twin Lakes (Twetfield Fisheries ? and formerly called ‘Baby Doc’) – SD 5137 7323
          Holmere – SD 5115 7444

          Fell End – SD 4973 7776

          Eric Morecambe Pools – SD 4764 7305 (but you probably know that one already).

          Pete C

          Alasdair Taylor
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            Great, many thanks for that Pete!

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              In the menu bar at the top of the page there is LDBWS Area Map. If you click on that and then use the box at the top right of the map to expand it to full page, you should get a list on the left-hand side which relates to the numbers on the map. This covers the main sites.
              As always, everyone has a pet name for an area, and local names change all the time, so names used do not always appear on the map.

              Alasdair Taylor
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                What a revelation! Many thanks Jeff – as you can tell, I’m a bit of a dunderheid when it comes to using websites….

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