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  • Sas1uk
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      Forgive me, I’m new here but willing to learn!

      I’m wondering if there are any Primary School teachers out there who might be interested in the possibility of joining a Curlew interest group?

      I’d also be keen to make contact with any members involved in tagging or tracking Curlews please? Or anyone who shares a passion for this bird who is willing to pass on their knowledge to a rookie?!

      Not sure how we make contact here but just thought I’d start the ball rolling! Thanks Sas

      Alasdair Taylor
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        I’m afraid I don’t qualify on either count (primary school teacher or expert on curlews), but a good person to make enquiries through might be Jean Roberts, who is the local organiser for the BTO, and if you do manage to get some activities organised let me know, as I do think curlews are pretty ace. Good luck!

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          Morning Alasdair! Thanks for responding and I’ll certainly seek out Jean, once I’ve Googled BTO…. yes, that’s how much of a novice I am!!!

          I love Curlews… I live on the Estuary, so am lucky enough to see them. I also make sculptures of them… But that’s another story!

          I’m working with a Curlew Charity, hoping to develop a project involving Primary aged children. I worked with kids for most of my life and I’m keen to get them involved in conserving this beautiful bird.

          If you’d be interested in possibly getting involved in this project, let me know.

          Loving the Curlew is the major criteria!!!! Thanks again. Sas

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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