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      A Barn Owl flew across Lunecliffe Road right in front of me at around 9.15 this morning at SD 470591. It came from the direction of Lunecliffe Barn Livery Stables, heading over towards Lunecliffe Hall. I cycled on down Lunecliffe Road and was just thinking the sloping meadow on my left (SD 468592) looked like good Barn Owl hunting ground when the bird reappeared right on cue and began to quarter the meadow, coming right down to just across the boundary ditch by the road giving magnificent views! After a while it disappeared over the brow again, only to reappear a few minutes later and repeat the circuit. This happened again and on the third attempt, the owl dropped down out of sight in the field corner, perhaps catching prey?

      Sadly I didn’t get back onto the bird so didn’t see if it flew off nestward with a vole. Nevertheless, I presume this daytime, early July hunting is a strong indication of a nearby nest with young, perhaps in the Livery Stables? (NB. This is my Atlas square, so will be logging on my spreadsheet.)

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