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    Spent the last few days surveying the Tetrads I am covering in SD 47 and 57. Really satisfying especially when I can compare my findings with the Atlas the Society did in 1959. The most diturbing finding is the really marked decline of Lapwings. In 1995 all the 12 tetrads covered in SD47 had Lapwing nesting, this year only 5. Sd57 had Lapwing in all 25 tetrads many less today I think once the full info is in. I visited 12 sites in the area where I used to ring young Lapwing in past years. This year only one had Lapwing. Silage cutting, drainage and higher stocking of cows is I am sure to blame. It was nice though to see two well grown chicks on RSPB Mires at Warton and great to see the adult driving off crows. I really miss Yellow Wagtails they used to be so common. In 1977 we did a census of the coastal squares and estimated the population at 80-100 pairs! Another complete decline because of agricultural changes.
    But its not all dooom and gloom, Goldfinch are everywhere now. Nuthatch in 1995 were estimated at just 12 pairs in the whole area now there must be that number in several wooded tetrads. Bearded Tit, Cettis Warbler, Marsh Harrier and Little Egret have all colonised since the 1995 Atlas So it will be great to see the results of the Atlas survey work that is being done by a dedicated team of volunteers.
    If you would like to take part in this exciting project and can cover a tetrad please contact the co-ordinator for the 10 km squares listed in the last newsletter.Another way you can help is by recording any difficult and rarer species. One good example is Green Woodpecker which appears difficult to find this year. Tree Sparrows are another, they often breed in garden nestboxes and are easily missed on a survey. Nocturnal species such as all Owls, Woodcock and who knows Nighjar are really welcome along with other less numerousre species. I havent recorded Hawfinch in my tetrads but got reports of two from members. So please send such records to the Square co-ordinators with a grid ref or to me direct me and I will forward them to the co-ordinator. Records of rare species are kept in confidence
    Good Birding
    John Wilson

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