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    [10/05/2024, 09:30:34] Matthew Powell: Pair of red kite getting mobbed by buzzard, crow and jackdaw over Yealand now.

    [10/05/2024, 12:26:36] Various: Flock of snow geese high and distant just reported over Leighton moss

    [10/05/2024, 12:33:38] Ronnie Irving: A flock of 24, one blue phase landed in field between College Green and Halforth Farms at 1145am. Still grazing now. 23 including a blue phase bird were reported flying offBelvide Res Staffs at 815am today, same flock?

    [10/05/2024, 12:36:18] Jonathan Scragg: There was a flock of 23 birds (22 white and 1 blue) on the Ribble yesterday, so it is probably the same flock that were at Belvide early this morning and have now come back north

    [10/05/2024, 12:44:11] Eddy Bayton/M: I saw five white geese flying over Torrishome yesterday and assumed them to be feral birds like the ones at the Crook O,Lune. Probably were.

    [10/05/2024, 14:03:12] Various: Snow geese still as above near college green farm 1233

    [10/05/2024, 15:11:51] Phil Byle: Snow Geese still present

    [10/05/2024, 20:52:32] Keefe Murphy: Snow Geese still present near College Green Farm at 20:20

    [10/05/2024, 21:23:30] Matthew Powell: Hobby over Yealand just towards Leighton Moss.

    [11/05/2024, 10:07:51] Andrew McCafferty: Late news, but while out with the WeX group at Leighton Moss this morning, at about 7:45, we had a spoonbill in the dead tree behind Causeway (under an osprey). Just spoke to Josh who saw it from the train on one of the shore pools at 0830 or so.

    [12/05/2024, 06:19:45] Pete Crooks (ed: possibly passing on news from somebody else, can’t tell from message): 1 light morph Pom and 2 dark morph Arctic Skua on sea then flew in and lost over Heysham Head while repositioning car. Also: 14 Sandwich Tern, 22 C Scoter, 2 Guillemot and 8 Whimbrel

    [12/05/2024, 09:12:21] Ian Hartley: Some bird news… Little Gull 2CY on Conder pool

    [12/05/2024, 12:46:23] Various: At least one garganey still Brigsteer wetlands, off passage drake common scoter low tide-feeding by conger rock Heysham head (two sanderling on nearby skeer)

    [12/05/2024, 19:07:26] Various: 1st summer little gull still em pool.

    [12/05/2024, 20:01:29] Various: Garganey Leighton moss (no further detail)