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Clay G
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    28/04/2024, 08:56 – Various: Glossy ibis in flooded field next to horse paddock Middleton

    28/04/2024, 09:30 – Peter: Spoonbill on Barrow Scout pools as seen from Crag view point. Also 2 swifts. Spot red still in LM Morecambe pool

    28/04/2024, 10:20 – Ian: Conder Green: 3 Cattle Egrets, Spotted Redshank, Common Tern.

    28/04/2024, 12:39 – Shaun: Two Spoonbill just landed at the ‘Flood’, plus single one still on Barrow Scout pool, Leighton Moss – viewable from Crag Road viewpoint.

    28/04/2024, 13:21 – Various: Just received a report of ‘a stork’ heading over Middleton NR towards Middleton village. Should be a pic soon if correct

    28/04/2024, 20:38 – Various: Glossy ibis flew off high to the west from Middleton horse paddock at 0916 and was not back there in the afternoon (1515hrs). We’ve had ‘possible departure’ posts before but it is now fully moulted and ready to go