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    [18/04/2024, 08:19:13] Various: Ad shag still Heysham harbour mouth area (sea poor from 0625: 13 sandwich tern, 6 red throats, 24 common scoter (3 lots), 1 porpoise, 14 swallow – nothing in final 45 mins other than swallows). Still need gannet for the year!!

    [18/04/2024, 08:31:05] Various: Glossy ibis in horse paddock now

    [18/04/2024, 09:10:32] Various: Blue darvic-ringed Osprey just flown west over Ocean Edge

    [18/04/2024, 10:55:20] Various: Glossy ibis still horse paddock cp erratic presence the prev two days

    [18/04/2024, 19:17:38] Andrew McCafferty: Probably worth mentioning that Clay Garland had 5 whimbrel in the Little Fell Lane fields this morning (early, 5am start for the poor boy).