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Steve Graham
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    Hi My take on local birding whether rarities or not is that we are currently in a full national lockdown and as such no one should be travelling to see birds full stop.

    Now I except a lone birder in a car is not likely to be spreading or contracting the virus but we should be following the spirit as well as the law at the moment.

    So in the case of this bird unless you live within walking distance or a ‘very short’ drive away it is off limits in my opinion. Sensibly, Birdguides current policy is not to be putting out rarities during lockdown.

    On a personal level the only places I have been birding in 2021 are local walks around Halton and walks up to our building plot and meadow in Brookhouse. I also appreciate not everyone has nice bird rich walking on their doorsteps so short distance travel is permitted for exercise with or without binoculars!

    I have probably opened a can of worms here?! Perhaps LDBWS needs to make a statement on what it expects of members during lockdowns in terms of birding trips? Or do we leave it to individuals common sense.