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    Ridiculous, I spent half my childhood within 4 miles of Aberaeron! The hinterland behind the town and five or six miles further south is high moorland between the Aeron and Teifi valleys, very similar to the the undrained and unimproved parts of Quernmore. My father, who knew his stuff, showed us whimbrel every Spring and how to differentiate them from curlew on Banc Sion Cwilt on the road to Llandyssul. I went on a hunt without success earlier on today for whimbrel in drizzle. I was rewarded with two gems however. A tidy male pied flycatcher singing 15 yards in front of me in the little car park by the bridge in Abbeystead and a very surprising little owl I disturbed from a wall by Narr Lodge leaving Quernmore. This was a regular spot but I haven’t seen a little owl anywhere near Quernmore for probably 10 years.