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    Mon 8th Aug 19.50pm

    Wall to wall blue sky and light breeze, sun setting.

    ….not a single swift in the sky above Freehold for the last two hours and none I can see on Windermere or Derwent Rd servicing extant late nests. This is usually an every 20 minute appearance at the nest site.

    My prediction is a whole load will arrive in the next hour to give a reasonable screaming count of the local population. The numbers should be declining from here on in. 40-45 would be good. 30 would imply the departure has started. I might look an idiot in 3 hours time but I’m willing to put my head on the block… Please look out and count in your town or village. It is the best census we have. A mobile phone sky shot makes counting easier if you struggle with swirling birds. When they bunch up in a spiral take a snap. You can count the black dots at your leisure.