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    I’m sat out now in chilly windy conditions in Freehold. Sunset. We have up to 18 screaming birds above. Well below the expected 40-50 of previous years. In addition the nest exploring trails of juveniles in July have been of 5,6,or 7 rather than the more usual 12 or more. There are ample nesting sites in Freehold still and the nest boxes only add to the availability. My personal theory is that both June and July mirrored their difficult weather. My cricket records show exceptionally wet periods at the beginning and end of both months. Not just cold, but debilitating heavy exceptional rain. In contrast, Oxford, in drought, is looking to list a record number of successful nests. I would suggest our continuing high summer windy rainfall events are going to make it a marginal habitat for the common swift. Regular 3mm rain days fine, but regular summer days with 12-25mm. Tricky.