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Dan Haywood
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    *Recreational Disturbance Event:

    Time and Date: 1130 19/3/22

    Site: Aldcliffe Marsh

    Form of disturbance: single jet skier

    Birds seen to be disturbed / description of disturbance: 900 Pink-footed Goose– flushed from outer marsh to inner marsh– birds displaced c500m. Flock then alert for 10 mins plus.


    If you would like to document recreational disturbance of birds in coastal / estuarine parts of our district please add them to the website in a format similar to the above.

    I will then forward them to Mandy Knott– the Coastal Lead Adviser for Morecambe Bay, Wyre and Lune Estuaries for
    Natural England. Mandy is keen to receive them and factor them into plans for minimizing recreational disturbance.