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Alasdair Taylor
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    Friday 8am 10C, dry, light Southerly breeze. Business was slow on my admittedly brief visit this morning. Very few “farmland” birds in evidence, just 3 chaffinches and a male reed bunting. The “flock” of robins was back, along with 3 blue tits, 2 great tits, a blackbird, a dunnock and a couple of passing magpies. I removed a well-fed but dead brown rat from the grass adjacent to the lower table. Last reminders of Winter (for now, at least) were a flock of ca. 300 pink-feet geese grazing in field A7 and a mixed flock of ca. 40 redwings and fieldfares (the latter ID’d by their chuckling)that alighted in the strip of woodland between Fairfield and the houses at Aldcliffe.