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Steve Bullen
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    Hi Ian,
    I appreciate your concern regarding the snipe count at Fairfield. The monthly snipe counts have been taking place since 2013.
    The site at Fairfield which produces the greatest numbers is Big Meadow. The biggest count in Big Meadow was over the 2019/2020 season when a total of 324 (incl. 34 Jack) were recorded. This season so far we’ve recorded 322 snipe (incl.38 Jack) in Big Meadow.
    We’ve noticed that the birds start flying back in before we’ve even left the field.
    The rest of the time the field is left totally undisturbed other than for the occasional grazing by cattle.
    We’ve recently been discussing the importance of this site for wintering snipe with regards to its management – to maintain and hopefully increase wintering snipe numbers.