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    Excellent ….absolutely typical film there, looking for a thermal??

    Nothing wrong with discussing ravens. Seen again over Newton yesterday, one in front of the other by a few hundred yards going North like bats out of hell. Very fast fliers when they have a mind.

    I spent about six months in a house near Carmarthen in a village called Cwmdwyfran which translates directly as ‘the valley of the two crows/ravens’

    I have to admit to having a ‘pet’ raven in the mid 1970s (different times) and taught it to fly from a flat roof. It lived on offal and any roadkill available. It was a murderously dangerous beast and you couldn’t put your head too close for fear of losing an eye. It would land on my grandmother’s head demanding food. We took it to a local forest about 15 miles away and released it, but was home before us. Eventually we took it to North Wales after other failed attempts from up to 50 miles away. It was a magnificent creature, very intelligent, but utterly untrustworthy.