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Alasdair Taylor
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    Thanks very much for the explanation Dan, and I’d absolutely jump at the chance to get out in the field with a local expert. I’ve been on a couple of guided walks at Leighton Moss and got a great deal out of those. I’ve actually lived (or at least worked) in Lancaster for almost 20 years, but I’m in no doubt that it’s perfectly possible to overlook so much for so long. That seems to be a recurring theme over the past 12 months – folk developing an appreciation of what’s on their doorstep. Your feeding station initiative in Fairfield plays right into that. One more question if I may: would there be any objection to using What3Words to communicate “non-sensitive” sighting locations? It has the advantages of being free to anyone with a smartphone and considerably more precise than an OS reference (3m x 3m!). I’ve only tried it at home, and it gives a different location for every room! Cheers, Alasdair