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    At 15.55 from the Lower Hide I heard gull calling and spotted two Bitterns flying over the reeds. They circled around rising to ca 80 metres and above the tree line at times. They were 2or3 metres apart giving a gull call at regular intervals and keeping this formation for ca 4 mins circling the lower mere and part of the main mere at least four times before gradually dropping lower then landing ca 5 metres apart into the reeds at the back of the Lower mere. Other observers saw them from the Causeway Hide but could not hear the gull calling. Another Bittern was booming to the west at the same time. Watched for ca 5 mins but they did not re-appear. Later had a flying Bittern from Lilians Hide flying straight and just above the reeds before dropping back.
    Sand Martin ca 250 over the Lower and Public meres with two or three Swallows Pair of Garganey Lower Hide.
    John Wilson

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