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gwenda meredith
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    As a long time former resident of Freehold, I am now in Burton in Losndale and have been keeping notes on the swifts in my eaves.I was keen to put up two swift boxes as well to offer summer homes when I moved here a few years ago. This year, 2021 .a family in the eaves have bred and departed much earlier but one pair in the swiftbox, sited under the eaves leave neat droppings on my doorstep so I have a clear record of their presence! Late nesters, the two adults have still been flying in ,getting gradually earlier each evening.Saturday 28 August it was 8.25 pm for the one adult and 8.30 for the other. The droppings incidentally under an eye glass revealed tiny 2mm long iridescent greenyblue insect cases.Beautiful.
    I did not see them last evening and although I am going out with my scope to watch, think the family have left now. I was anxious as it was so late in the season so hope they make it all the way back to their sub Saharan winter area .
    Gwenda Meredith