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Mute Swan Survey

The North West Swan Study Group is responsible for ringing Mute Swans in the North West of England, roughly from the Manchester Ship Canal in the south to Grasmere in the north and east to west from the Pennines to the coast.

The objective is to locate any swans in our area, whether they are ringed or not, and if there are and you can read the rings, it will be of great assistance.

As well as metal BTO rings, the study group uses mid blue, plastic Darvic rings engraved with 3 white characters, either a number and 2 letters (eg 4AU) or 3 letters (eg AFF). Less frequently other colour/number combinations from other study groups may also occur which we would also be interested to receive details of.

Details required are as follows :-
1) Date seen
2) Site - name and grid reference ( if possible).
a) Please note the nearest car access/appropriate footpath.
b) Site owner or contact.
3) Swan identity ( if ringed).
4) Whether in the company of other swans (ringed or un-ringed)
5) Date of egg laying and hatching and relevant numbers would also be appreciated if available
6) With respect to mobile pairs eg on rivers and canals, if possible follow up information as to numbers of cygnets surviving and their location in early to mid August would assist us in locating them for ringing. Records would be appreciated until the end of the year, as ringing often continues into September and October.

Please send all sightings of Mute Swans with blue Darvics to Steve Christmas:

If possible, it would be very helpful if the nest site could be monitored and success/or otherwise of breeding recorded.

We would appreciate information from yourselves, or your friends, perhaps from your favourite walks. Even any background knowledge that at XYZ, there's often a pair nesting, particularly if the location is "off the beaten track" may be of assistance.

We would respect any "privacy" requirements and always contact the owner to seek permission to access a site.

The ringing details of each swan reported will be supplied to each recorder at the end of the survey.

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