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Folly Lane Scrape Pool

Posted by eddybayton 
Folly Lane Scrape Pool
June 08, 2017 08:25PM
Alan, Jeff. thank you for your input here. I didn't mean to open a can of worms about a sensitive species. I was checking drains and runs in the area related to our cricket field (you will all note that the road beside our field no longer floods on the flat before you get to the crossroads with Powderhouse Lane). I'm fairly sure that anything I saw would not have raised its head were it not for the driving rain earlier this week. I was lucky.

What I would say, and in context with the work you have done about the drainage Alan, is that this field, like us, is less than 10m above sea level. All that water follows in a series of channels into the marsh and then past the old 'Broad Oak Corner' on the junction of Torrisholme Road and Barley Cop Lane. That beck as it crosses the road is semi tidal at some times of the year. In the 10 years prior to the bypass build the County Council drove two bores into our ground at my request and monitored water levels throughout. They also tried to chase ancient (pre 1850) and modern drains and pipes through Crosshill Park. Most are related to the old agricultural showground and are rotting water pipes or defunct electricity points. The remnants of the ag soc have no extant records or memory of the drainage. We are now using a stone Georgian drain to take our field water to the new bund pond below the bypass. I digress.

The field in question which appears to have been inadequately drained was always flooded in winter anyway. I am guessing that the owner came to an agreement. Topsoil was excavated from this field to a depth of at least 2m to cap the embankment going over the railway. Presumably compensation was involved and now ownership has been restored. I'm willing to bet, bearing in mind the management of the adjacent fields to Folly Lane all the way up to the canal that very little else will be done now. That is certainly the track record of the main contractors. To say they have promised the earth and come up with virtually nothing to help us is about right. As long as we were onside with their endless road closures and flooding they promised anything. Nothing transpired. I'm willing to bet what you see in that scrape field is what will remain. Yes dogs will be walked there but in the driest of times it didn't dry out. If nothing happens from now on I would be tempted to sit on my hands and see what develops. Not much is my prediction. The stone drain channels do at least make it unmowable.

I hope this helps and my apologies for upsetting an applecart.
Re: Folly Lane Scrape Pool
June 08, 2017 09:07PM

You are certainly right in saying that this field was always wet in winter in the past and I do hope that you are correct in thinking that no more will be done to drain it further, other than perhaps re-filling the crosswise trench that they have left with ballast or similar to prevent children falling into it (in these days of high Health and Safety concern).

By eye, this scrape appears to be well below the level of the drain channel at the foot of the bypass embankment such that providing a connection to take the water away would be difficult so hopefully something of a pool may remain, at least intermittently.



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Re: Folly Lane Scrape Pool
June 09, 2017 02:25PM
I assumed the sensitivity only applied while there was a nest, Eddy, and once the young are up and running, there is no danger from egg collectors.

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