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Withdrawal of Countryside Services

Posted by Jeff Butcher 
Withdrawal of Countryside Services
February 26, 2016 12:00PM
If you haven't already noticed it, may I draw your attention to Lancashire County Council's intention to withdraw non-statutory countryside services []

They have launched a consultation with a survey of opinion at the above website.

Places included in our birding area are Conder Green and Crook O'Lune.

I presume AONB, RSPB, Ramblersetc will all take an official line - should LDBWS? Also individuals should fill in the forms.

Jeff Butcher
Re: Withdrawal of Countryside Services
March 07, 2016 11:27PM
One of many consequences of the actions of this government. The latest is the withdrawal of funding to county records centres. I think a better posting which, with discussion, would get to the crux of the matter is "Did anyone who professes to support conservation vote for the current government and if so, can you justify their actions since they assumed majority government"?

It is very easy for the above posting to be turned round into a "council neglecting their duties" thread when, in fact, they have not been given a lot of option, in the same way Natural England has not been given a lot of option in e.g. cutting funding to records centres. This government unfortunately knows there is a shedload of people out there who either don't understand ("too complicated" ) or don't want to inform themselves of the facts ("too boring" ) and are happy to accept ill-informed prejudicial twitter-length rubbish in e.g. the Sun and Mail and divert the blame to the hapless Natural England or e.g. Lancashire County Council. Off topic here, but the same is happening with the NHS.

Any Tory voters in LDBWS want to have their say?

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