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Posted by Pete Woodruff. 
June 10, 2005 09:23PM
Visitors to the East Lancs website could be intrigued to see a Cuckoo reported by me at Merrybent Hill today June 10. Hardly a sighting to get excited about you may well think.

The truth is I - along with another well known local birder - had a superb day in this and the Cross of Greet area and the East Lancs website does not permit the recording of protected species, in my view understandably so.

So from a 'good days birding' all that was left after editing my records sent to them was the delightful messenger of summer the Cuckoo.

The question now is....why does LDBWS website not offer the same protection to endangered species?

pete Woodruff.
Re: Suppression.
June 11, 2005 05:14AM
I weas the second observer And whilst understanding not giving exact reference points I personally can see no harm in giving genral broad areas as people know there is always the chance of seeing HH in this area one doesnt have to elaborate & be specific.
Jon Carter
Re: Suppression.
June 11, 2005 04:38PM
You both make fair and understandable points.
In my opinion, for what it's worth, I fully support the supression of specific details regarding the precise whereabouts of rare breeding birds but as JWB mentions, the area under discussion is exactly the sort of place where one would hope to see such birds as HH. This species is widely known, and indeed promoted by the conservation bodies, as being a resident bird of the district and as long as nesting sites remain undisclosed the posting of a sighting of a bird should present no problem.
One thing's for sure, if birders are aware of such sites then it's patently obvious that 'other' less-sympathetic people will also be well, and often better, informed. Of course it's not always the obvious elements that can present a threat to protected species but also that large, and seemingly ever-growing, band of list-obsessed birders who may also cause serious disturbance!
I suppose it all depends on the sensitivity of specific sites as to whether one releases news of rare birds in breeding habitat.
Re: Suppression.
June 11, 2005 08:15PM

Your contribution here is a welcome one.

I'm glad you have used the words 'rare breeding birds' as this is precisely the subject under discussion here and not under the heading 'raptors'.

Theres a little more to this than meets the eye. However I am privy to some info I am unable to discuss here. But last year I saw 'some' birds 'some' people would rather I hadn't seen at a particular location. The same people would have welcomed - indeed encouraged - my reporting the same birds back on territory again in 2005.

We don't want you to know about these birds whilst we are 'busy' with them, but please keep an eye out for them next year and let us know your findings after which we will want you to keep away again.

Pete Woodruff.
Re: Suppression.
June 11, 2005 08:18PM

My apologies for your mis-spelled name. Which also confuses as to who the reply is addressed.

Pete W.
Jon Carter
Re: Suppression.
June 12, 2005 05:08PM
I suppose the sensible thing is to judge each case individually and only release news where it is unlikely to cause disturbance and such.
I'm all for suppression as long the birds' welfare is the paramount reason, after all the continued success of rare breeders is of far greater importance than whether a few individuals get to see them!

As for the incorrect spelling of my name, it's fine - I'm more than used to it Peat! :-)
Re: Suppression.
June 12, 2005 06:16PM
I'm staying right out of the detail on this one other than to say this is my local area (YAWN), I did see the first of the mystery birds this year and kept tabs on them (YAAAAWN)and I firmly believe that the Langden/Dunsop honeypots are quite enough publicity for the type of 'birdwatcher' involved in, for example, door slamming and inappropriate parking on a regular basis in Woodwell this last winter - hence the recent update of the BW Code of Conduct in order to try and get through to this unwelcome type of leisure birdwatcher(ZZZZZZZZZ).
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