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Unauthorised nest boxes

Posted by pete marsh 
Unauthorised nest boxes
April 25, 2018 11:12AM
It was brought to my attention by the landowner that three boxes had been put on trees without landowner permission. This has been done in such a way that the boxes are invisible from the road. They are either side of a redstart regular natural site which has been targeted by some of the local photographers in the last two years and also in close proximity to obviously visible boxes of ours on the other side of the road. Presumably an element of If there are boxes already there it will be alright if we shove some more up in such a way that if they are used our pics of any birds visiting will not show the nest box hiding behind the tree.

Fortunately we have a good relationship with this landowner and instead of him taking them down we will be monitoring them as additional boxes to our long running monitoring here. Therefore we will be numbering them in the next day or two and Ringing any pied flycatcher which might use them instead of ours (catching the adults for the RAS study)

I am not sure who the photographers are here but if they don't like this solution to the unauthorised putting up, I suggest they take them down ASAP but I'm sure that this will not be necessary and the above mentioned arrangement discussed with the landowner as satisfactory will not cause any problems!

Please contact if you are involved in this and wish to discuss eg who is doing the NRCs for these boxes. Thanks pete

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Re: Unauthorised nest boxes
May 09, 2018 09:55PM
The lower of the three boxes (SN1) has a tit nest, the other two are empty. Redstart on territory
Re: Unauthorised nest boxes
May 18, 2018 09:51PM
Blue Tit in SN1 - NRC on the go - nothing in SN2 or 3
Re: Unauthorised nest boxes
June 04, 2018 11:49PM
The Blue Tit brood doing well in SN1
Some nest material at N2 stage in SN3. The could be Redstart so whoever put these boxes up and may be looking in them needs to be very careful as they easily desert if you disturb them when incubating. Being such a late nest, however, it may come to nothing. We'll monitor any early egg stage to address the timing, then leave it until after fledging and post accordingly. Would be helpful to find out who put these up.

Of interest, the nearest nesting Pied Flycatcher male to these boxes was caught today as part of the RAS study and found to have been ringed as a nestling in nearby Roeburndale in 2012. Plenty of journeys to and from Africa!
Re: Unauthorised nest boxes
June 14, 2018 11:17PM
SN3 now has a replacement Pied Fly clutch laid by the female predated in nearby Box 36. It is an experienced female having been first ringed as an adult female in Box 35 in 2017. As is not unusual with replacement clutches there is no evidence of Male attendance but that might change when young hatch. If you are reading this and responsible for this Box, we ask that you please follow protocol and don't go near it for the next 12 days. Thanks
Re: Unauthorised nest boxes
June 26, 2018 12:22PM
The young should theoretically be hatching now
Re: Unauthorised nest boxes
July 03, 2018 06:49PM
Brood of three ringed 2/7/18 with female only attending (one unhatched egg)
Re: Unauthorised nest boxes
July 17, 2018 07:28PM

Jeff B
Re: Unauthorised nest boxes
July 21, 2018 04:04PM
No regular with late broods when males go off and moult. Three young fledged, one egg unhatched
Re: Unauthorised nest boxes
May 30, 2019 02:07PM
Anyone responsible for these boxes following this thread?

SN3 the star of the show again this year
The same female Pied Flycatcher as re-laid in there last year returned
The male was un-ringed when caught, but we did not catch (or even see) the male involved in the re-lay last year, so possibly the same

There are six young which will be fledging soon

SN1 and SN2 are not occupied this year in a general dearth of Blue Tits
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