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Posted by John Wood 
John Wood
January 30, 2005 11:08AM
c35 near Sunderland Brows Farm SD420565 10.15 feeding in cow trodden "field" more mud than grass.
Dominant ring combination appeared to be Blue over Yellow - others were Blue over Red & Blue over white all left leg.
No Linnets about.

Re: Twite
January 30, 2005 06:14PM
What was the ringed:unringed ratio, please, even roughly. Thanks

John Wood
Re: Twite
January 30, 2005 08:19PM
I checked about 10 in total. There was only one of Blue over Red and one of Blue over White the rest were Blue over Yellow. I thought there were more ringed but unable to ID quickly enough.
Would be pleased to receive any details you have of the combinations.
Re: Twite
January 31, 2005 12:14AM
Yes, we could do with the old 'announcements' section on this site.

The site code for Heysham is PALE BLUE and this is almost always the TOP ring. However, some of the winter 2003/4 birds were put on wrong way round and, sods law, at least two of these have been highly visible of late (but not retrapped at Heyshan to swop round)! Therefore a PALE BLUE is what you are looking for.

If you do not see a PALE BLUE, and one of the Lune birds seen by Jon Carter is certainly not from Heysham, please take careful note of the colour combination & contact the website/myself.

Most of the Heysham birds have colour rings on the left leg and metal ring on the right leg. Some of the first birds to be ringed, however, were before the colour ringed scheme was "imposed" on us and metal rings were put on as per the ringer's usual preference = left leg. It was far easier to leave these on when the birds were retrapped, therefore colour rings were added to the right leg.

This means:

PALE BLUE over YELLOW left leg = winter 2002/3 after end of January

PALE BLUE over YELLOW right leg = metal-ringed on left leg pre-end of January 2003, retrapped in late winter 2003 and colour-rings added to right leg

PALE BLUE over DARK BLUE/RED or vice-versa = ringed during winter 2003/4

PALE BLUE over BLACK/WHITE = ringed during current 2004/5 winter

There appears to be a bit of mobility in the Twite flocks at the moment with 5 unringed birds trapped at Heysham last Friday, following no more than one unringed bird at any one visit for the last 1.5 months and two flying north over the Stone Jetty.

We are VERY interested in the ratio of ringed to unringed birds or alternatively ANY without PALE BLUE colour rings (see above).

Therefore, please make this your priority if you come acros a flock, rather than trying to decipher the nature of the split colour ring accompanying the pale blue on one-two birds............then they all fly off. The year code ratios are the least important piece of information, nice if you have time but less important than ringed:unringed ratios. Thanks very much.
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