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Records. Mon 24 Jan.

Posted by Pete Woodruff. 
Records. Mon 24 Jan.
January 24, 2005 07:55PM

Three STONECHAT found here today. Also to note a flock of up to 200 REDWING seen from here,and BUZZARD. A STOAT in ermine was good.


A wader had a lucky break when the PEREGRINE FALCON chasing it was taken on by a second one whilst the wader escaped. The LITTLE OWL still in residence. Large number of GOLDEN PLOVER in fields here. And a long time dead WHOOPER SWAN was unringed.

Conder Green.


A decision to 'leg it' down the coastal path again was a wise one. From Nansbuck Cottage(as Jan 10) I soon picked up a LITTLE EGRET in flight at the back of Colloway Marsh at 4.25 before it disappeared into a ditch/channel. The bonus today was at 4.46 when two birds got up and three minutes later went over my head to roost on the lake. A Magic Birding Moment!

Pete Woodruff.
Re: Records. Mon 24 Jan.
January 25, 2005 12:11AM
I have just received a private posting concerning a stoat also in ermine up Roeburndale.

The author assumed that snowfall was needed to trigger ermine (40-50days)and was puzzled by the sighting. Does anyone know anything about this & what percentage adopt ermine even when it is not a "white-out"?


Re: Records. Mon 24 Jan.
January 25, 2005 09:47AM
Hi There

The stoat enters a moult triggered by the shortening days in Autumn, In the Northern edge of range this is a moult into White whereas further south it remains brown.

It is postulated that this is a temperature trigger as opposed to a snowfall trigger. I think altitude may also play a part, it was interesting that both these records were moorland or moorland/woodland edge.

I dont know what percentage adopt ermine !

Hope this helps

David Pollard
Re: Records. Mon 24 Jan.
January 25, 2005 03:48PM
Hi David

Two things first of all. You will know more on this subject than me,and for this reason it is interesting to read your posting,also interesting to see Pete add the Roeburndale record,the author of which need not be puzzled by the sighting,I have several over the years. Secondly at the time of writing I have not made reference to my records though I think these below are pretty accurate.

What I do know is that last winter was a good one for me in that I saw three Stoats in ermine in three different locations,Birk Bank,Champion Moor,and Harrisend. I also know that in no case was snow a factor,and that all three were in upland locations which as you mention is interesting with the current records at Harrisend and Roeburndale.

It would be further interesting if someone reads this posting who could add the percentage figures if indeed such figures are available.

Pete Woodruff.
Eddy Bayton
Re: Records. Mon 24 Jan.
January 25, 2005 08:29PM
Not a modern record but between 1982 and 1986 there was a regular Stoat in ermine in the mill cottage where everyone clocked on at Henry Cooke's papermill in Beetham. It would run up and down the walls around the gate and probably benefited from the enormous warm warehouses around the riverbank site. It was usually seen between December and February. Not an upland site.
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