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Overton and Lades Marsh

Posted by Jeremy A 
Overton and Lades Marsh
May 20, 2020 03:32PM
Around 4pm today

On Lades Marsh

7 mute swans (more numerous than I have seen recently)
20+ shelducks

At Bazil Point

2 arctic terns
1 little egret

There is a flock of 30-40 birds that I can't identify that has been regularly circling for the past 2 months. Perhaps a tern as it has long wings. Grey/white underneath depending on the light.
Re: Overton and Lades Marsh
May 29, 2020 07:12PM
Bazil Point about 11am 29 May

1 grey heron
3 little egrets
2 great egret (possibly, they looked bigger but still had dark bills and legs)
2 arctic tern
1 duck I can't identify. Large, plump, mostly white body. Black stripe in the middle of crown/head. Black feathers underneath, making a horizontal stripe halfway up chest. Standing on one leg. I also saw 3 earlier this week, with 2 similar ducks that had dark feathers (maybe females or juveniles?)

25 Canadian Geese

Lades Marsh about 12pm

1 nightingale (I think, perched on a tree top)
8 mute Swans
1 pied wagtail. Very regularly in the big puddle in the turning area on the marsh side of the dyke
2 swifts
12 barn swallows
1 common buzzard (also saw 2 yesterday in a chase, fighting or breeding?)
Oyster catcher chasing a crow or rook over the marsh. Which seemed odd, but perhaps chasing it way from its nest.
Shelducks, too many to count
Re: Overton and Lades Marsh
May 29, 2020 07:39PM
The black and white ducks will be drake Eiders, Jeremy. Their dark brown companions are females.
Re: Overton and Lades Marsh
May 29, 2020 09:45PM
hi Dan,
thanks! That is definitely them
Re: Overton and Lades Marsh
May 30, 2020 02:22PM
Bazil point around 11am 30 May

4 adult Canadian Geese. Each pair had 4 chicks each (8 in total). Although one of the adults was actually a greylag, and based on behaviour looked to be one of the parents. 14 other Canadian Geese arrived later on.

1 cormorant - diving for a little while, then resting on the weir
4 eider duck (2f, 2m)
1 whimbrel
1 grey heron
1 little egret
8 black headed gull
1 arctic tern
2 oyster catcher

Lades Marsh around 11.30am

1 sedge warbler (or not - very similar to sedge warbler description, but with red/brownish patches on breast)

Also, another extended and very acrobatic chase by an oyster catcher over the marsh, this time it was a juvenile great black backed gull being was being chased off

And finally, seen the first juvenile starlings of the season in our garden. A brood of 8 juveniles with 2 parents.

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