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Lancaster Swifts

Posted by GT 
Lancaster Swifts
July 08, 2019 08:35PM
Four years since I got boxes put up and we installed an attraction calls system, today I saw Swift(s) entering our boxes at the RSPB office, White Cross Estate. We've had at least 8 vocal 'bangers' in recent weeks and bangers last year too but this is the first definite entry to boxes. I've also seen Swifts entering behind soffit boards on two other buildings on the estate in the past couple of weeks. Unsure whether these are active nests or prospecting youngsters.

Excellent work by the site manager and head teacher at Lancaster Grammar School after advice from myself, Jon Carter and Jane McVickers from 'Lancaster Swifts' has also resulted in new integral nest sites occupied this year as well as externally fitted schwegeler swift bricks. Great to see positive work going on amongst the doom and gloom! Granted numbers do seem to be down this year in many places.

Please remember to enter any records of low screaming parties and nest sites at the RSPB website or Swift mapper app.
Re: Lancaster Swifts
July 08, 2019 09:55PM
Good news about the swift boxes. There's a colony in Roseberry Avenue, Bowerham. Interestingly one of the houses has cut a section out of their soffit to allow access for the birds, and they are nesting in it.
Re: Lancaster Swifts
July 09, 2019 06:01AM
Excellent news all round.

If you have time, say 2-3 hours (!) to watch a 'nest site' where you have observed entry, feeding adults with active young I find tend to return every 25-45 minutes during daylight hours., stay a minute or two then depart again. We are in peak season for feeding nestlings now. Prospecting non breeding juveniles can enter and re-enter a site repeatedly, often followed by a straggle of other interested birds grasping the wall or each other.

The LRGS boxes on Moorgate fooled me last November. The attraction tape was still playing loudly when I drove past and I turned around thinking 'what the...?'
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