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Little ringed plover

Posted by eddybayton 
Little ringed plover
June 05, 2017 02:32PM
Someone recently commented about drainage being added to the flooded field on th N side of the bypass/railway bridge on Folly Lane off Barley Cop Lane. Being the first significant wet morning for a while I went to check the drains and gullies that cover the area around Torrisholme CC field. I need to know how the new drainage is working around us. The flooded field does not drain particularly effectively still, and there were two very lively chicks and two adult little ringed plovers plus a pair of mallard on the still well filled scrape pool. In the heavier squalls the two chicks ran for cover to one of the adults.
Re: Little ringed plover
June 06, 2017 06:31PM
Yes I found a pair there with a pair of lapwings when I walked by on 17 April. I didn't put it on here as sensitive species but did inform BTO rep.

On 28 May I was passing so stopped for a look and found a couple exercising two dogs in that field, so two people walking through it and two dogs racing around. After they had gone I went to have a scan from the road and waited for some time. There were two other dogs in the next field, but otherwise no sign of life at all. I wrongly assumed everything had been disturbed.

Also at that time the pool had almost completely dried out - before the rains came - so another reason for pessimism.

So good news, Eddie - very pleased they have survived the disturbance.

Re: Little ringed plover
June 06, 2017 06:58PM
But the post hasn't been censored by admin Jeff.
Re: Little ringed plover
June 07, 2017 06:40AM
I hadn't appreciated the apologies....regardless, even in the driest May imaginable the scrape hasnt dried out and you are never going to stop the dog walkers anyway. The mud will do a better job. I would have thought the numerous corvids (everything except chough is a regular) or gulls are the biggest danger...
Re: Little ringed plover
June 08, 2017 09:42AM
Not sure if this post should really be in the discussion section but here goes...

I had been watching this pool regularly since the road construction and it had been developing nicely with a number of wader species (and others) visiting already.

Sadly, contractors then began work to drain it by excavating soak-away trenches. The County Council and contractors were contacted in mid April with a view to possibly stopping and reversing this work. After some correspondence and telephone conversation with County Ecology Officers it was said to be not possible -- the County no longer have any control over this field after it was returned to its original condition and handed back to the owner.

Fortunately, the draining was not completely successful and the reported breeding success has been achieved. However, the work does not look very complete with the open trenches remaining. Are they waiting to assess success before continuing with more work??

Alan Draper

Re: Little ringed plover
June 08, 2017 07:50PM
Moved to discussion....
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