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Yellow brows

Posted by Pete Marsh 
Pete Marsh
Yellow brows
October 07, 2005 07:03PM
Enormous influx to all areas which were not affected by the cloud spilling out of the Atlantic weather systems trying to push the high pressure ridge out of the way.

Certainly the likelihood is always possible but not high along the coastal strip which was well and truly within the SSW to NNE orientated cloudy doom and gloom blocking migrants from the east.

However, possibilities further inland led me to check the Lower Thrushgill 'migrant trap' this afternoon (one Chiff & loads of Goldcrests). Then the phone was found JUST outside the area near Newton (Bowland) today and it does seem that the eastern part of our area received more suitable weather as the cloud was thinner and much more broken.

The bottom line this weekend is:

"Check you tit flocks whereever you are, including inland woodlands"

In this respect, the return to westerly weather tonight is unlikely to allow departures as there is too much cloud/rain........but I wouldnt leave it until Sunday to search!

Eddy Bayton
Re: Yellow brows
October 08, 2005 08:09AM
There was a big tit party at the C O'Lune yesterday noon. It comprised mainly LTT but also Blue, Coal and Great. Associated were 5 Goldcrest and 2 Treecreeper. I did check the former to make absolutely sure they were browless as it were, it being that time of year. The Crook may well be worth a brief stopoff today (Woody is on holiday, no lunch) as would Williamson Park which has a good history of very small green warblers for me.

I'm finding the still air and dry leaves very distracting at the moment when hunting out little stuff. Everytime you focus on something, another noisy sycamore leaf drops in the corner of your eye. Hopefully a bit of wind and wet will solve this problem for a few days.

Also: Jays at Freehold (2), Crook O'Lune, Quernmore (3), Scotch Quarry. Size seems very variable.
Pete Marsh
Re: Yellow brows
October 08, 2005 08:56PM
Anything to report from the Leighton Mossites who presumably checked JBP asrea and the Leighton tit flocks?

I checked Heysham Head & had a late Spotted Fly. People checking the Fylde for YBWs scored at Mount Park in late afternoon.

Pilling Lane Ends was given a check from the roads this evening

Where else was checked? Thanks
Re: Yellow brows
October 08, 2005 10:50PM
Had a trundle round sunderland point this morning
Vis included;
53 swallow
33 skylark
3 meadow pipit
3 grey wagtail
5 pied wag
A few goldcrests in the bushes at the point - no hint of a yellow browed, other than when my mate texted me to say he'd found one at Crosby!
'Pished' a snipe out of a bush which was a first!

Williamsons Park
Checked the 'inland lighthouse' bushes to dicover a tit flock with several goldcrests and unidentified others ( too many leaves / firs etc.) in the party - no YBW calls however! Definately worth checking round the Ashton memorial.
Eddy Bayton
Re: Yellow brows
October 09, 2005 09:16AM
Sat 3.30pm

Quick check on the Roeburndale road up to the Chapel. One tit party encountered alongside Barkingate. 17 LTT, 2 BT, 4 Coal Tit and 2 Goldcrest. All flying into the conifer plantation. No sign of anything else in the party.

Other birds were quite good though. 7 Red Grouse, 2 Stonechat, 3 Snipe (2 flushed, 1 over) plus a single Swallow heading S and W.

Crook O'Lune produced similar small birds to the above party plus 2 Treecreeper and a Grey Wagtail on the river.
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