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Posted by Jim Shepherd 
December 02, 2004 06:54PM
Leighton Moss Waxwing Survey, 1st December
30 Waxwings at Westgate Cycle Track, near The bridge.
S Hay
Re: Waxwings
December 02, 2004 10:53PM
bu*ger bu*ger

I have seen a few odd individuals around but cycled the path from the Crook O'Lune to Trimpell very very carefully on Sunday last including (beforehand) the canal from Moor Lane to the Crematorium in the process. I encountered 9 Moorhen and one (canal bound) Cormorant but nothing else of interest.


Re: Waxwings
December 03, 2004 12:19AM
Hi Eddy
Please keep tabs on any odd ones you see - they are by no means everywhere yet! c/f your posting

Should ornamental rowan become an honorary native species, or is there too much of it to find the xxxxx things anyway - I've been all over the Ingleton, Leck, Kirkby L, Cantsfield, Melling, B in L area & the only ones I've found myself so far this year were flying past my house during a cold weather movement earlier in the year? The B in L birds of a fortnight ago were in the only area I hadnt checked the previous day.

Definitely a cyclists bird - hearing as well as seeing?

Re: Waxwings
December 03, 2004 09:55AM
Pete, I will keep tabs. Very much a cyclist's bird. You can cover decent distances of likely spots quite quickly, but unlike a car, you do 'beat' birds from cover. The speed you travel at does allow greater time for observation than on foot however because you remain 'on top' of disturbed birds.

Sound: it was the sound that gave the two birds I have seen this autumn away, behind Dalton Sq. They have not returned to my knowledge.

What does impress me however is the location of the sightings this year and in previous years. A lot of them appear to be following treelined corridors such as the old railway/cyclepath, canals and roads. This may be just happenchance but it would be interesting to plot the trend with sufficient data.

As an aside, Storth seems a likely spot as a lot of the new bungalow streets that way were planted with rowan and bastard service tree. If anyone was up that way it may be worth a look, it's too far out of my patch until the school holidays.

Re: Waxwings
December 03, 2004 10:02AM
One at Forton yesterday morning. Went out to fill the bird feeders at first light and heard it calling nearby. A quick scan of the neighbours' gardens with bins (always a slightly dodgy thing to do, especially in the semi-dark, but I guess that the're used to me by now!) revealed it sitting on the top of a bush, five doors up the street.

Also heard one (at least) flying east over Longridge Fell on Monday.

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